Contessa Nicoletta is the antagonist in Seeking Crystal. She is a Soulseeker who lives in Venice, Italy. She was part of the Savant Net till she kidnapped the Benedict brothers' soulfinders and erased their memories, after the , on behalf of the Savant Net, arrested her son, the Count of Monte Baldo.

In the SeriesEdit

She is an old and good friend to Brook family. She heard that Diamond Brook was getting married and comes to Venice to see Crystal and Diamond by boat. She was shocked to hear that Diamond was getting married to Trace Benedict, the man whose family arrested her beloved son monthes ago during in London during Stealing Phoenix

At Diamond's engagement party at the Contessa's island, Crystal asked about her Savant power. Contessa explained that everyone who knew her forgott it due to her powers and was known as "the eraser" when she was younger, before she created a massive telepathic blast on the Benedict's soulfinders, erased and kidnapped them thier memories and kidnapped them; Karla, Sky, Phoenix, Diamond. Crystal was abandoned and hurt in the process, but her memories weren't erased and wasn't kidnapped though around the time, she was unknown by anyone Xav Benedict's soulfinder. She kept the soulfinders in her mountain chalet and they were unknowingly kidnapped or held hostage by their amnesia and felt comfortable and fine instead of indanger or held hostage.


She is an eldery old woman. She is Italian and as an heirress, she wears expensive clothes.

Savant AbilitiesEdit

She has the ability to erase peoples memories and minds and was known as "the eraser" when she was young and used her powers to erase what she had done, by reversing her Soulseeking abilities. She is a powerful savant that can create a strong telepathic blast.