Daniel Kelly is a corrupt businessman who used his Savant powers to create a business empire. He has a son named Sean and a daughter named Maria.

Finding SkyEdit

In Finding Sky, he kidnaps Sky in order to bargain with the Benedict family. In preparation for a hostage exchange, he brainwashes her into believing that Zed and Xav Benedict kidnapped her and held her hostage, and that Zed and Xav end up dying in a shootout. His plans go awry when his two hit-men,) gator and O’halloran both die in the exchange, but Sky is unable to give a rational and convincing testament that could put him jail.

Later, his daughter, Maria, contacts the Brights under the false pretense of becoming artists-in-residence at their hotels in Las Vegas. His son, Sean, to take Sky up to look around the hotel, but actually takes her to see his father. On their private floor, he tries to brainwash her again but Sky has become stronger after unlocking her memories of her past and releasing her fears, and fights back. It takes all of the Kelly's to subdue her and they suceed in ordering her to go down to the lobby with a gun and go on a shooting spree. Unfortunately Sky manages to break his influence and drops the gun. Although his plan went awry, Mr Kelly storms out of the lobby and says he is sueing her.

Victor, an FBI agent and the third son of the Benedict family, informs him of the secret tape recorder in Sky's phone that he didn't tell his colleage, Agent Kowalski, as he knew that DAnjelica Kelly has brainwashed her too. It has recording of his family and himself, threatening Sky. He is arrested and his rights are read out to him.

Stealing PhoenixEdit

Phoenix hears from the Seer that the Benedict family took down the Kelly family, their American counterparts in crime.