Diamond Brook is the sixth of her seven siblings in the Brook family. Her soulfinder is Trace Benedict .


Diamond is ten years older than her younger sister, Crystal.  Many years ago, her father died and left a great deal of grief for her sister Crystal. Since then, she devotely took care of her sister, giving encouragement and tries to give her happiness like their father gives to Crystal. Sometime and because of her beauty, she has a modeling agency in Venice, Italy.

Seeking CrystalEdit

Diamond travels with her sister, Crystal to Denver, Colorado to attend a Savant conference where she will give a lecture and talk about her peace-making abilities. The night before, they go out to a restaurant for dinner to combat their jet-lag. On their way back to their hotel, they are attacked by theives, but Trace Benedict, a police officer, arrives and they run off. Trace helps Diamond up, they instantly connect and realize that they are Soulfinders by telepathy and kissed, much to Crystal's dismay, ignoring her even though she has been injured by thieves and covered in trash. When she mentions Crystal, she remembers and apoligizes for not thinking about her. Trace takes Diamond to see his family and Crystal to let his brother, Xaveir, to take a check up on her and heal any wounds mentally or physically. When she meets Xavier, Diamond thinks he is perfect for Crystal and tries to convice Crystal to go out with him since they are the same age. 

Daimond becomes engaged to Trace and goes back to Venice, Italy where the marriage will be announced.


She sometimes acts like Little Miss Perfect, according to Crystal. But Diamond cares extremely for her little sister, Crystal, acting as a big sister figure to her ever since their father died and trying to keep a close eye on her and trying to encourage her to love herself, even though it doesn't help Crystal, thinking she's bluffing to help her. 


Diamond has a winning smile, according to Crystal. She is very beautiful and perfect. Since her mother is from Cairo, she has a distinct face of an Egyptian princess.

Savant AbilitiesEdit

Diamond is able to sooth people's minds and make peace with them. She also can to read peoples feelings/emotions.