Johan du Plessis is the main antagonist in Misty Falls.


Johan was brought up by an abusive father and a mother, who was potentially a minor Savant.

Misty FallsEdit

Johan is introduced as the long-lost uncle of Alex du Plessis, who recently got into contact with his nephew's teacher, Miss Coetzee, after hearing about Alex in the newspaper. Alex and Johan meet in a neutral setting - a coffee shop - with Misty, Tarryn and Uriel present.

It is revealed that Johan was the killer of the young Savants who have been disappearing.

He takes Misty as his hostage to Misty Falls to Alex's family.


Johan shows no remorse for the people he has killed, instead he is bent on finding the only family that will accept him.


Johan has pale blue eyes, similar to Alex's eye shape, but without the navy ring around the iris and the full lashes.

Savant AbilitiesEdit

Johan is able to create 'nothing'.

Miriam du Plessis, Roger's wife, is revealed to be Johan's soulfinder.