Kevin "the Seer" Smith is the head of The Community, a group of thieves. He uses his poweful telepathic abilites to force people to do his will and manipulate women in becoming their concubines and father their children.

Stealing PhoenixEdit

Phoenix is taken to see him after she does not come back with anything after trying to rob her 'target'. The Seer uses his telepathic abilites to imprint in her head an order that she is not allowed to eat or drink anything until she steals from her target, Yves Benedict.

Dragon and Unicorn comes back with Phoenix but not the goods. The brothers inform the seer that Phoenix were staying with the enemies for a whole afternoon shocking the members. The Seer asked how come she stayed there. Phoenix, unable to cooperate, forces to bring Tony, Phoenix's closest friend, and asks Unicorn to suck out 10 years of his life out of him, painfully. Seeing her friend get punished because of her, she tells them she'll confess and says that the reason why "targets" took her in is because, she was Yves Benedict's soulfinder. This new light certainly silenced and shocked everyone as they thought soulfinder are just fiction, including the Seer.


He is a greedy and cold blooded man who is the leader of a gang. He dreams of being a father, but is unable to produce children with the women he manipulate, so he lies to the youngest members born to his "wives" that they were his. Though because of no blood relation or being ruthless, he sometimes abuses them and only nice if they are special to his schemes.


The Seer is an overweight man who likes to wear lots of exspensive looking suits.