Uriel Benedict is the second oldest son of the Benedict family. He is a Post-graduate and studies forensics. His Soulfinder is in South Africa.

Finding SkyEdit

Uriel appears at the Wrickenridge High School concert. While Zoey explains some profiles of the Benedict Brothers to Sky, she tells about Uriel that he is a Post-graduate and studies forensics. He works in the ski resort along with his brothers.

He helps Sky unlock her past memories as he has the ability to see into the past.

Stealing Phoenix Edit

He brought Phoenix to the altar together with Trace, Will and Victor.Together with his brothers he ' replaces ' the father of Phoenix.

Seeking Crystal Edit

Uriel is part of the rescue mission to take back the Benedict family's soulfinders. Crystal tells Xavier during the wedding that she finds out his soulfinder is in South Africa. 

Misty Falls Edit

In Misty Falls, Uriel Finds his soulfinder in South Africa, though he initially thought it was her twin sister, Francie, who led him to Tarryn


He is the most sensitive than his Brothers. He is more sympathetic than his brothers through seeing painful memories of people using his powers. He seem to be close to his brother Will.

Savant AbilitiesEdit

Uriel can read a person's past. He usually prepares a room that is dark with candles. Then he would go with the person's mind. Only he and the person (including soulfinder if she's/he's around or that person is savant) will see images of doors opening to (lost) memories.


Like most members of the Benedict-family, Uriel is good with music and plays the flute.