Zed Benedict is the youngest of the seven Benedict brothers. Like his older brothers, Trace and Victor Benedict, he has a reputation of being a 'bad boy'.

Finding SkyEdit

Zed meets his soulfinder, Sky Bright, after she moves from Richmond, England to Wrickenridge, Colorado, USA and they go to the same high school as each other. When Sky saves his penalty, and telepathically replies to his remarks, he is stunned and realizes that she is his soulfinder.

Stealing PhoenixEdit

Zed and Sky visit England when Yves, his older brother, asks for help from all his family, to get his soulfinder, Phoenix, out of the criminal gang she lives with.

He is later seen playing the drums in 60s hippie attire at the nightclub where Yves and Phoenix meet and try to bargain with the criminal gangs.

Seeking CrystalEdit

When the Contessa kidnaps Sky, Zed is furious and decides to do anything to get her back.


He is one of the tallest Benedict brothers. He takes after his father, Saul in looks with dark hair, skin and eyes due to his Native American ancestry. Sky describes him looking like a wolfman.


For Zed, there are 2 sides of him. One is kind, gentle, nice, and protective to the ones he loves. The other, rash, raging, mean, cruel and can be quite short-tempered if he does not get his way, almost sound like a nature of wolf, which Sky describes him both his personality and appearence.

He dearly loves Sky from the bottom of his heart and knows they are meant to be. Unlike other girls he dated, he is quite smitten by her when discovering she is his soulfinder and anyone would say he looks tamed when she's by his side. For making Sky see his cold and rash side and in short, hates him, he became more desperate to have her. But if anyone (tries to) harms her, big or small, you crossed the line and better watch out. He's an animal willing to fight for his mate.

Savant AbilitiesEdit

Zed is the seventh child of a seventh child, and also a son to two Savants, which means that he has extra Savant powers. He can see the future, like his mother, Karla, and has other abilities, such as telekinesis.


Like most members of the Benedict-family, Zed is very gifted in music. He is able to play the drums - which he mostly does in the Jazz Band of his High School- and plays the guitar.